About Me

A curious and diligent software engineer. The sole employee of Briar Patch Software as an R&D scientist seeking to apply machine learning techniques to mobile application development.

Cameron is professional, user-focused, and constantly learning and improving -- not just himself and our software, but also the tools other developers use. He has no problem thinking big picture while maintaining focus on the problem at hand. Despite having his responsibilities multiplied, he's still responsive to requests for recommendations or assistance. He's also saved my ass on at least a couple of occasions and has likely done the same for others around here. I think Cameron is a developer worthy of others emulating and should continue to be recognized for his outstanding work.
-- Employee of the Month, 04/2016 | Nomination by Chief Architect @ FocusVision


Site Reliability Engineer

Jul 2017 – Present
Bridgewater Associates

As part of a tight-knit group, we're doing meaningful work in pursuit of extraordinary results with the help of cutting-edge tools and techniques. My focus is primarily on improving system stability while reducing the cost of meeting business goals. Working on the automation here along side such brilliant minds from multiple industries makes this an incredible experience and absolute pleasure.

Site Reliability Engineer

Nov 2015 – Dec 2016

As part of the small SRE team at FocusVision, we were essential to improving and maintaining the organization’s systems and productivity. We worked side-by-side with almost every role in the company, focusing on the development, deployment, maintenance, security, automation, and documentation of our infrastructure, tooling, and operations. In pursuit of 99.9% availability and a self-healing, service-oriented architecture – we worked smart each day, learning perpetually and implementing boring solutions with clever tools to reduce complex problems.

Software Engineer

Jun 2014 – Nov 2015

As a full-stack engineer part of an agile team, we used iterative and test-driven approaches to develop and maintain features in our production systems. Made large contributions to the design, implementation, and testing of our back- and front-end systems, APIs, and deployment pipeline used to support Decipher’s award-winning survey building and data collection platform.

Technical Writer

Nov 2013 – Jun 2014

We, a team of two, worked closely with the entire organization and its customers to develop the documentation necessary for all involved to properly use Decipher’s software systems. During these few months, I gained a wholesome understanding of how to compile the businesses’ and engineers’ specifications into concise, actionable, and accessible online documentation. Author of the Decipher Programming Manual, a comprehensive guide on Decipher survey programming.

Survey Programmer

Aug 2012 – Nov 2013

This was a fast-paced environment where we worked closely with customers and their account managers to build online surveys from the customers’ questionnaires – implementing the logic and question design to collect data across hundreds of thousands of respondents. The tools used to develop these surveys were mostly comprised of Python, JavaScript, XML, HTML, and CSS. Did you know FocusVision may have the world’s largest Python codebase?

JavaScript Instructor

Feb 2016 – Apr 2016
Bitwise Industries

While working as an SRE at FocusVision, I lead a six-week course of 20+ students to understand the fundamentals of programming and JavaScript. This course was open to all ages and held bi weekly from 18:00 - 21:00. Curating the class material to each student regardless of their programming aptitude was enormously fun and challenging. Bitwise has since asked me to continue teaching as well as join them on their enterprise software engineering team as a Developer Fellow.

Research & Development

Jan 2012 – Jul 2012
California State University, Fresno

Developed a system we called FALT (Fresno Audiovisual Lexicon Tool) with Professor Lorin Lachs, Ph.D. of Psychology on behalf of the National Science Foundation to perform lexical analysis on the similarities of phonemic and visemic communication.

IT Help Desk Support

Mar 2010 – Feb 2012
California State University, Fresno

As a first responder to Fresno State’s students and staff, I provided technical assistance via telephony systems and support ticket submissions.

References furnished upon request.


Research and Development @ Briar Patch Software -
As the founder (and only employee) of Briar Patch Software, we’re in the early stages of applying machine learning techniques to mobile application development. Primarily, we aim to deliver great software experiences through useful applications of solutions to problems in time series classification, computer vision, and optical character recognition.
Flynt - (Currently in development @ Briar Patch Software)
Designed for iOS/Android mobile devices, Flynt uses the device’s accelerometer and gyroscope to detect and train free-motion gestures to create an intuitive interface for counting things. To use Flynt, the user places their thumb on the object’s label they wish to count and makes the gesture to update its count. Our early trials demonstrate that Flynt is significantly easier, quicker, and more efficient than traditional approaches. By default, Flynt is equipped with a simple flick gesture that was modeled using a semi-supervised machine learning classification technique – the user can train new gestures using the simple 3-step process in Flynt’s Training mode.
Booksee - (Currently in development @ Briar Patch Software)
Designed for iOS/Android mobile devices, Booksee is a tool to find and catalog books on a bookshelf. Using the stream of images from the device’s camera, Booksee automagically stitches together and generates a list of all the books it’s able to see sitting on a bookshelf by the details of the books’ seams. Machine learning, computer vision, and object character recognition techniques allow Booksee to help relieve that slow and painful, neck-kinked approach to discovering books on a bookshelf. If enabled, Booksee can also help connect readers to find the titles they’re looking for – and even connect with Amazon’s APIs to show the current sale price.